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Prairie Doctor Brand is Organic, Local, Non GMO, Health Canada Certified Herbal Medicinal Tinctures.

Prairie Doctor Brand is Organic, Local, Non GMO, Health Canada Certified Herbal Medicinal Tinctures.

"Ask for it by name and accept no other"



Human history is intertwined with and we owe our survival to plants. They provide the air we breathe, most of our food, shelter, clothing as well as medicinal benefits. Humankind co-evolved with plants and contain many of the same phytochemicals. We have interacted with plants for millions of years, we are genetically attuned to do so; which in part, explains why we are able to benefit and why; relatively, they are safe for us to use. As the toxicity of many pharmaceutical drugs and their undesirable side effects became known there has been a resurgence of interest in herbal medicine in North America. The sometimes negative effects of various man made compounds (solvents, plastics etc)  and large scale pollution has driven an interest in a quieter, gentler, and more sustainable life style which also fuelled “the herbal renaissance”.


Along with this resurgence of demand came the attention of the regulators. Herbal Medicines in Canada must be licenced, must make a health claim and must have that claim approved by Health Canada. We have included this information with our listing of products. Links to additional references; principally from  Eclectic publications or scientific herbalism, are in Resources section.


Many of the medicinally beneficial plants have a long history of use as food or spices. It is wise to consume as many of the “phytochemicals” as possible this way. Most of the compounds in herbs have distinct purposes that benefit the plant and the consumers of the herb. Many of these compounds interact with other compounds in the herb. Remove one and potential all of the benefits could be affected.  We are opposed to the addition to or deletion from the naturally occurring compounds in a herb. Standardization to a single compound can lessen the synergistic properties of herbs and as well increase the risk of unwanted side effects or toxicity. Our practices and production protocols are focuses on this principles.


Of the history of herbal medicine usage we are drawn to the Eclectic period in North America; 1845-1930.  During this time; the Eclectics, a group of Doctors who employed principally herbal medicines and maintained a number of medical schools were able to catalogue and codify western herbal medicine into a system that had taken literally 1000s of years to achieve in other cultures. Their knowledge was principally derived from administration of herbs and very careful observation coupled with an emerging herbal science. The Eclectics employed principally strong alcohol tinctures and extracts and is a tradition we honour with our products.


Herbs are subtle and typically work gently. Like any form of medicine they cannot be expected to always help with every health problem they are selected for. A sound diet, sufficient exercise, meaningful work and a healthful attitude will assist any herbal therapy you have chosen.


It is your right to chose the healthcare you deem appropriate; however, bear in mind that this right comes with the duty to inform yourself with valid information and to recognize when professional healthcare is required.


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