About Us

Our Beginnings:

Prairie Doctor Brand was founded in 1994 by Robert, a Vancouver Island based Echinacea farmer. Prairie Doctor Brand began by happenstance, after Robert one year grew more Echinacea than he knew what to do with and decided to tincture it as a way of not letting it go to waste. 

In 2020 Prairie Doctor Brand was purchased from Robert by its current owners, the father/daughter/son team of Shawn, Remy & Teagan. Now, in 2023, what was once a single tincture brand has grown to produce approximately 300 herbal tinctures supplying independent health food stores across Canada.

In 2021, Prairie Doctor Brand expanded even further and created Daydream Organics, an herbal medicine brand that shares the same core values as Prairie Doctor Brand and gave us the space to create new products including herbal powders, teas and tincture blends. 


Our Values & Our Products:

With both Prairie Doctor Brand and Daydream Organics we are incredibly meticulous when it comes to crafting our products. Every herb and material that we use is diligently & individually sourced to ensure that we are always offering the highest quality and most sustainable products possible. Close to 80% of our herbs are certified organic, and those that aren't are what we like to call "uncertified organic" meaning that despite not having the certification, they meet all of the standards and guidelines. Being kind to our planet in our choices is of critical importance to us, so we always do our best to source our herbs from as close to home as we possibly can. We are lucky to have the opportunity to work with a lot of BC-based farmers and growers, and what we can't get here we get from within the Pacific Northwest or from sustainable, high-quality producers across the globe.

All of our tinctures are made using a 100% Organic & non-GMO Cane Alcohol as well as a locally sourced spring water. From batching, stirring and pressing to bottling and labelling, all of our products are made entirely by hand in small batches. We're big believers in the energetics of the herbs, and do everything by hand in an effort to not disrupt or alter that by using electrical, industrial equipment. It's labour intensive, but it's what allows us to make the best herbal medicine that we possibly can which is without a doubt worth the extra time and energy.


What We Do:

Prairie Doctor Brand is one of the top suppliers of herbal medicine in independent health food stores across Canada. We offer 105 different Health Canada licensed tinctures in 50ml & 100ml bottles that are the perfect addition to any health food store product lineup. 

In addition to supporting and working with independent retailers, we also offer bulk quantities of all of our herbal tinctures to natural health practitioners across the country. We want to help supply individuals and communities with the medicine that they need - so for practitioners we offer our full line of 300 different herbal tinctures and are happy to work with you on creating customized formulas. If you're a natural healthcare practitioner interested in working with us, please reach out to us at hello@prairiedoctorbrand.com

Our herbal powders, teas and tincture blends by Daydream Organics can be found in a variety of different brick and mortars across North America. Daydream Organics is everyday herbalism for everyday living and wellbeing. 

Prairie Doctor Brand and Daydream Organics is a small, family owned business always will be. We take great pride in knowing all of our customers by their first name and truly connecting with each and every person that we work with.

We hope to facilitate a return to the ways of our ancestors by encouraging and nurturing a relationship with the natural world around us and offering a modern take on the ancient practice of plant medicine. 

Want to know more? Feel free to reach out to us at anytime and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!

 - Shawn, Remy & Teagan.